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Need help planning a trip ?

Follow these 10 simple steps;


Ten simple steps to preparing and running a trip


1. Select a venue, place, tracks, sights of interest etc...



2. Check access to these areas

Seasonal Road Closures

Check maps and if GPS information is available on the CFA4WD web



3. Plan a date

Check the club calendar



4. Complete the trip advertisement proforma and email it to the secretary

a minimum of 30days prior to the event.



5. Collate all members names who are attending

Trip leader to ensure appropriate forms are completed and carried on the trip

Visitors must complete a visitors form (for our insurance purposes)



6. Check equipment required

Standard Recovery equipment

Club Loan equipment - Toilet, recovery equipment

Snow chains, Chainsaw etc...



7. A day or two prior to the trip, Check Local fire restrictions

Fire Danger Period

Total Firebans

Carry a copy of CFA's Brochure on open fires



8. Prior to the trip, Check local weather conditions

Weather Forecasts



9.Complete a trip report

email the completed form to the secretary

If there were any injuries or vehicle damage complete the appropriate form and attach to the the trip report.

Complete a Track Information Form (utilising the track classifications) for any tracks which may be dangerous

 or require maintenance work and fax to 4WD Victoria

Please email the secretary with any GPS waypoint or track data, to assist in the next event in this area.




10. Start Planning the next trip.








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